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Roy never did or received credit for a cover for a Warren magazine. However, I think it if possible that he collaborated with others. Based on the sketches I have located, Roy did a number of roughs, indicating he was seriously comptemplating drawing covers for Warren.

The sketches on the below are on an 8.5- X 11-inch piece of typing paper. The sketch in the lower left hand corner has a strong resemblence to the cover on Creepy #6 by Frazetta. I have a more detailed rough which I will add to the site in the future.

This is another sketch below that Roy did. Compare it with Creepy #7 by Frazetta and the similarities are striking and undeniable -- Dracula (complete with cape) fighting a werewolf or the Wolfman, with ruins of walls, arched windows in the background, and the moon. Even the arched areas in the background have similar wrought iron work or the remains of the metal used to hold together stained glass.

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  • He was the guy with the sneakers and a cigarette in his mouth

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