Roy Krenkel Design Work


Roy was a gifted book designer. Part of it, of course, was that he had a practiced artist's eye for proportion and flow.  But he could do the lettering, too.  He did design for Woody Gelman's Nostalgia Press on Little Nemo and a planned St. John book.  See below. 

Roy also did nice design work of his book, Tale of Three Planets by Edgard Rice Burroughs for Canaveral Press.  Roy's tour de force Robert E. Howard's Sowers of Thunder published by Grant Publishing. 

Roy wasn't too familiar with technical and manufacting print.  In his work for Sowers of Thunder, he didn't know that printers and the litho cameramen can take a black on white media and from the negative reverse it so that it prints white on black.  He painstakinly painted the lettering and images in while paint on black board. 

What's Coming Up
  • Mike gives Roy some artist's Markers
  • Now Berni, he can do drapery

  • Roy and Research

  • He was the guy with the sneakers and a cigarette in his mouth

  • Roy's Minatures

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