Roy Krenkel's Inks


Whatever Roy was, he was a master with the ink pen.  When I knew him, he preferred the Rapidograph, but he would  use anything, including Bic pens.  He was quite picky about his paper -- he liked paper used for ink work to have some "tooth" to it.  He preferred a light/brown buff paper he had "aquired" with a printed picture of the  Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C..  He had a stack of this paper and used it often.  For a while I was a lithographer and was able to provide him with samples of paper with "tooth", which he seemed to like. 
What's Coming Up
  • Mike gives Roy some artist's Markers
  • Now Berni, he can do drapery

  • Roy and Research

  • He was the guy with the sneakers and a cigarette in his mouth

  • Roy's Minatures

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